Video: How Lundbeck is Utilizing Big Data to Advance Brain Research

In today’s connected world, there is more health data being generated than ever before. From birth and death records, to electronic medical records, health insurance claims, clinical trial data, smart phone activity, fitness trackers, credit card purchases, and on and on. The volume of data being amassed across the healthcare universe is immense. Big data tools help clinical researchers sift through these very large data sets to spot disease patterns and associations that otherwise would take much longer to identify.

At Lundbeck, our bioinformatics team is using big data to map disease progression of brain disorders like Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease and schizophrenia. This mapping across large data sets helps researchers paint a more complete view of the disease stages; and that can help them identify appropriate patients for clinical trials and design more focused trials.  

Watch this video to learn how our scientists are using big data to build on our clinical research and advance brain health breakthroughs. 


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