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Brain disorder research
The Brain Foundation: How the Lundbeck Foundation is Shaping the Future of Brain Science
70% of Lundbeck is owned by the Lundbeck Foundation. What does the Foundation do, and what does it mean for Lundbeck, patients and brain research?
Welcome to the New Era of Alzheimer’s Research: How People with Alzheimer’s and Care Partners are Shaping the Future of Drug Development
Learn how John and Leigh, who live with Alzheimer’s, are partnering with Lundbeck and AD PACE to inject patient needs, preferences into R&D.
Inside Job: Fighting Alzheimer’s Disease with Your Own Immune System
Learn more about new avenues in Alzheimer's research, including how activating a person's own immune system could modify the disease processes.
Stronger Together: Why Collaboration is Critical to Advancing Alzheimer’s Research
By Peter Anastasiou
Lundbeck’s executive vice president and head of North America discusses our collaborative approach to Alzheimer’s research.
Video: Q&A with Dr. Doug Williamson on the Future of Parkinson's Disease Research
Dr. Doug Williamson, Lundbeck's chief medical officer and VP of US Medical, answers questions about progress and bright spots in Parkinson’s research.