Lundbeck Foundation
The Brain Foundation: How the Lundbeck Foundation is Shaping the Future of Brain Science
70% of Lundbeck is owned by the Lundbeck Foundation. What does the Foundation do, and what does it mean for Lundbeck, patients and brain research?
The 2019 Brain Prize: Supporting Top Brain Researchers is More Important Today Than Ever
By Peter Anastasiou
Innovation is needed in brain research—and the Brain Prize recognizes just that. Learn what the prize means for people living with brain diseases.
Some Alzheimer's News to Celebrate: 2018 Brain Prize Winners
By Doug Williamson, MD
The Lundbeck Foundation’s 2018 Brain Prize was awarded to four pioneers in the battle against Alzheimer’s. Dr. Doug Williamson, Chief Medical Officer & VP US Medical, shares how Lundbeck is building on the breakthroughs of the winners and attacking Alzheimer’s disease from a variety of angles.
Congratulating the 2017 Brain Prize Winners
By Staffan Schüberg
Each year, the Lundbeck Foundation awards €1M (a sum greater than the Nobel Prize) to pioneers in brain research: the Brain Prize. Lundbeck congratulates the 2017 winners.
Accelerating a More Global Approach to Brain Research
By Staffan Schüberg
Congratulating the winners of the 2015 Brain Prize and recognizing the great need for international collaboration in the fight against brain disorders.