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Parkinson's disease
Listening to Parkinson's Patients: Nonmotor Symptoms Take Center Stage as Researchers Gather Intel on Patients’ Unmet Needs
There is a movement within the Parkinson’s research community to better understand how nonmotor symptoms impact patients’ daily living.
Llamas, Nanotechnology and the Search for a Cure for Parkinson’s Disease
A team of Lundbeck Foundation-backed researchers hopes to develop the first cure for Parkinson’s disease – with alpaca llamas playing a key role in this potential breakthrough.
Unique Experiences, Shared Purpose: Pushing for Progress in Parkinson’s Disease
Two people living with Parkinson’s, two disease journeys, two approaches to advancing progress, one shared goal.
Parkinson’s Awareness Month 2020: Finding Hope and Social Connection Amidst Social Distancing
A round-up of Parkinson’s Awareness Month virtual activities, plus messages of hope from leading patient advocacy organizations.
Together We’re Stronger: Lundbeck’s Big-Tent Approach to Patient Advocacy
How Lundbeck brought together advocates from across the Parkinson’s disease and MSA communities to collaborate on meeting patients’ needs.