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Parkinson's disease
“I Have Lost Confidence With Parkinson’s, But This Experience Boosted It.”
Data presented at World Parkinson Congress shows Lundbeck-Davis Phinney Foundation Program helping to reduce social isolation in people with Parkinson’s.
Video: Q&A with Dr. Doug Williamson on the Future of Parkinson's Disease Research
Dr. Doug Williamson, Lundbeck's chief medical officer and VP of US Medical, answers questions about progress and bright spots in Parkinson’s research.
There are No Failures in Parkinson’s Research, Only Setbacks
By Doug Williamson, MD
What stands in the way of discovering new treatments for Parkinson’s disease? Dr. Doug Williamson explains and shares his hopes for the future.
Video: Creating Connections with the Parkinson’s Community, One Sidekick at a Time
Sidekicks is a unique intergenerational program working to address the isolation that some people with Parkinson’s disease experience.
Pushing the Boundaries of Science to Treat Parkinson’s Disease
An astronaut, a physician-scientist and a shared commitment to advance Parkinson’s disease therapies.