Lundbeck US Charitable Fund: Restoring Brain Health in our Communities

The giving strategy driving the Lundbeck US Charitable Fund

Addressing brain diseases, whether mental health or neuroscience related, is no small feat. Yet the millions of people suffering from these conditions every year are urgently awaiting new ideas, new discovery, and new solutions that can relieve the burden and allow them to be their best. This is why we at Lundbeck have set a bold ambition for ourselves to restore brain health, focusing our collective energy and expertise to achieve positive progress for future generations.

Lundbeck is fully dedicated to delivering transformative progress and this bold task cannot be achieved alone. It is through the collective efforts of a diverse ecosystem of dedicated people and organizations that we can drive truly meaningful change in restoring brain health.

We embrace our role to fuel progress well beyond our walls, and we celebrate the work of the Lundbeck US Charitable Fund, an independently managed nonprofit committed to responsibly and appropriately providing charitable donations to organizations and programs that share our dedication to restoring brain health.

The Fund’s current approach is purposefully oriented toward three complementary giving strategies that can address important needs in our communities today and for the future: 

Supporting Community-Led Interventions

The Lundbeck US Charitable Fund is a strong and active advocate for organizations in Chicagoland, a large and diverse community with significant areas of need. The Fund thoughtfully partners with organizations that are changing lives every day through localized outreach, interventions and support for some of our most at-risk communities, particularly in the areas of mental health care.

Advancing Care for At-Risk Populations

The Lundbeck US Charitable Fund also directs its efforts to support populations facing significant burden from brain disorders. One of its areas of focus is the military and veteran community – a population that suffers from a disproportionate burden of mental health disorders. The Fund is amplifying and expanding the reach of incredible organizations in the U.S. who are delivering life-changing impact for our veterans and military families.

Accelerating Progress for the Future

While we actively support programs in brain health today, we are also doing our part to accelerate progress for the future. Beyond Lundbeck’s own innovation, pipeline and R&D momentum, the Lundbeck US Charitable Fund dedicates resources to spur novel ideas that will transform the future of brain health. For example, the Fund partners with MATTER, a nonprofit healthcare innovation incubator, on an innovation challenge to leverage advanced data sciences to accelerate novel insights in Alzheimer’s disease and related dementias. The Fund is also pursuing support for fellowships that will ensure specialized care is available to patients with brain disease, both now and in the future.

Just the Beginning

The Fund is proud and excited to support organizations and programs that are making an impact for the communities we serve. Together with community leaders, researchers, clinicians, advocates, and of course the families living with these conditions, we will make much needed progress in restoring brain health so every person can be their best. 


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