Lundbeck Debuts Migraine Moods, an Interactive, Creative Tool for the Migraine Community

For many in the migraine community, finding the words to describe living with migraine can be a struggle. Head pain is only one symptom that people with migraine may experience, and it can be challenging for some to explain the range of migraine symptoms, how debilitating the disease can be, and the impact it can have on day-to-day living and emotional health.  

Migraine Moods hopes to help with that. Migraine Moods is a unique digital tool that fosters understanding and provides a creative outlet for people to share their migraine experience. At, users create personalized mood boards – visual collages – that reflect their experience of living with migraine. People can choose from a wide range of images and quotes that capture what it feels like to have a migraine attack and how they experience life during their migraine-free moments. Each board ends on a hopeful tone, with users selecting an uplifting image that symbolizes something that inspires them.  

Users are encouraged to share their finished mood boards on social media with #migrainemoods. It only takes two minutes to get inspired, creative and have some fun.  

Watch a demonstration of Migraine Moods below.

Lundbeck launched Migraine Moods to combat the continued misunderstanding of migraine disease and provide a hopeful outlet for the migraine community. 

“Migraine Moods allows people to express the challenges of living with migraine, but it doesn’t stop there,” said Lindsay Vaughan, a member of Lundbeck’s patient-engagement marketing team who oversaw the creation of Migraine Moods. “We understand that people are more than their migraine and we wanted to create a unique space where people could share their whole selves, including the many things that inspire them outside of their migraine.” 

For some, migraine can be a lonely disease. Some people with migraine may isolate from friends and family when experiencing a migraine attack, and some may avoid social events to minimize triggers and prevent an attack. But migraine doesn’t have to be a disease experienced alone. Through Migraine Moods, people can make connections, and share frustrations and inspiration. 

“Having a space where the migraine community can express themselves creatively allows people to feel heard and know they are not alone in their migraine journey,” said Charise Dunn, senior manager of patient advocacy at Lundbeck. “Our hope is it will also help those living with migraine find inspiration in each other’s visions for more migraine-free days.” 

Visit to create your unique mood board.  


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